Salaries in the Fitness Industry

If you are thinking of working in the fitness industry then a good thing to think about and research first of all would be the rates of pay and how much you could realistically earn.  As a newcomer to the industry you may have to set your sites at a modest level, as the fitness industry has traditionally not paid very well, and it is still rather finding its feet in terms of other established industries.

Entry level salary

If you are starting as a gym or fitness instructor then expect to earn between £12 - £14k starting salary.  This may be a little higher in London, and you are more likely to earn more with a Local Authority than a private gym, as Local Authorities pay is linked to a fixed structure that tends to accrue annual increases.  Expect to earn around £15 - £16k in this case.

Personal Trainer Salary

If you are a newly qualified Personal Trainer then your earning potential is significantly higher than that of a fitness instructor, but you will have to establish yourself before you can hope to earn some of the high end figures that the experienced fitness professionals do.  As a rule of thumb, if you are employed by a gym then you should be looking to earn between £16k - £20k in your first year but this does vary wildly and each facility will have its own arrangements for remuneration. 

Some gyms will expect you to pay them a monthly rental and as a freelance personal trainer you will be expected to find your own clients.  We would suggest that if you are new to the industry that you avoid this type of arrangement until you have learned the ropes from some of the more experienced personal trainers in the gym and also built up your reputation and expertise.  It is also likely that after a couple of years in the business you will have generated your own following of clients and this is an important consideration if you are considering going freelance.

Freelance Personal Trainer - Financial Advice

If you are an existing personal trainer and you are considering going freelance, then be sure to have developed a robust business plan.  You will have needed to consider all of the costs and income aspects and you ought to have at least 10 weekly clients already that you know are regular and reliable.  You may wish to align yourself to a gym and pay rent as mentioned before, or you may prefer to be completely freelance and work from the client's home or use the great outdoors.  Whilst this is more demanding in terms of delivering a total fitness solution it is more lucrative as you don't have to pay monthly rent, and this can be as high as £500 per month in some clubs.

Holding fitness classes and lessons

An important way to increase earning power for a fitness instructor or personal trainer is to take studio classes.  This will mean that additional training courses will need to be taken such as Exercise to Music (ETM) Studio cycling (sometimes known as spinning) and then there is the whole raft of combat, high energy and dance based classes. Why not visit our CPD REP's courses to see what is on offer CPD courses  Payment for classes again does vary quite a lot from one gym to the next, and it will also relate to your popularity as an instructor, and your ability to bring in high numbers.  Generally expect to earn between £20 - £30 per hour for classes.

Developing specialist areas of expertise

A good idea as a personal trainer is to specialize in certain areas and this may include: nutrition and weight management, power training, exercise for children, pilates or core stability, injury rehabilitation, fitness for sport or sports nutrition.  This will not only make you more employable but will offer you an advantage over the other Personal Trainers in the gym as you can market yourself in general and specialist terms.  Of course you will need to undergo further training yourself to be able to deliver these specialisms but you business pan will have made provision for this, and you should always plan to cover the cost of any training within one year.


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