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I contacted Discovery about their master personal trainer diploma, and within hours I had all the information I needed to start my new career path. The people there are really friendly, and have great knowledge about what they teach. I started my course in January and I was completely finished by April which considering I knew nothing about the fitness industry when I enrolled was not bad. I began working at Fitness First and so far to date I have built up my business very quickly with 15 weekly clients within the first two months, and this is mainly due to the confidence that the course has given me along with the brilliant REP's group activity courses that are included in the course, meaning that I can teach group exercise such as spinning, circuits, TRX and lots more. I can highly recommend Discovery for anyone looking to pursue a career in the fitness industry. After finishing my course, they aren't just my past tutors; they are also now my friends!

--Lewis Hughes

I thoroughly enjoyed my course and it was mostly due to my tutor Lou Court and the lads I stayed with whilst I was down in Bournemouth.

Lou was excellent she made the course very enjoyable and educational which made the course easy to follow and understand so I could perform at the best of my ability and that was such a massive bonus to me as I haven't had to study or learn in such an intense manner for a very long time!

Lou was very interactive with all the students and was able to adapt to a variety of needs and methods of learning, I honestly can't remember the last time I enjoyed a course and liked the teacher at the same time, all credit to the tutor!

The course was only seven weeks but within that time I was able to knuckle down and apply all that I had learnt from Lou and so how could go on to have a career as a Personal Training, and I owe a big part to Discovery Learning as they showed that the course followed a structure that could challenge students and meet their expectations for whatever path they wanted to pursue whether it was Personal Training, Teaching Classes or aspects of Nutrition.

This course has certainly been worthwhile as I'm now working at the Village Gym in Newcastle as a Personal Trainer which I'm thoroughly enjoying and have been for the last month.

--Anthony Errington

“My experience has been great. I decided to do the Diploma in Personal Training as the cost included the additional short courses, and I wanted to be a fully qualified PT. I would highly recommend all aspects of the course. The content is fantastic. I especially loved the fact that you can study at your own time and pace. The intensive days are also great. The knowledge of the course tutors is amazing. I could literally sit there for days on end soaking up all the knowledge!

On a personal level, it has really helped my own fitness training. Understanding how to train to reach specific goals at the same time as knowing what you are really doing. I think many people train at the gym for years seeing some results but never fully understanding what the training they are doing does physically. When I train now I see results quick! The nutrition part of the course I believe is also essential in accompanying fitness training. Understanding the relationship between nutrition and fitness is key in seeing the correct results.

Overall I would highly recommend the course to anyone. The knowledge I have learned has set me up for life especially in terms of correct nutrition and health benefits. (I wish they taught this at school years ago!) It also has given me the ability to change careers within 6 months! Whichever direction you take following the course I think it doesn't matter! I personally will use the knowledge learned from the course across all aspects of my personal life. I also know I have this qualification to fall back on if needed!
Thanks to the Discovery team!

--Jonathan Sealey

I thought it was really enjoyable, interesting and helpful, especially at putting the theory into practice, which makes a huge difference and Lou was great! She has made things a lot clearer and I feel a bit more confident about the assessments now

Thanks again for your help.

--Jill Moody

I just thought I'd write an email praising your staff for their help in me gaining the Level 2 ETM qualification.

Martina, Vicky and Jonathan have all been supportive and helpful in sharing their advice and knowledge.

--Jody Ivie

Great course! Thanks for all your help before and during the course; I really appreciate it.

--Leon Bustin

My tutor was very helpful during my time on the course. She was very professional but with that good fun. Lou was always easy to talk to if you had any problems or just general questions about the course or any of the modules covered. Lou has excellent subject knowledge and this made it easy to learn from her and gain from her experience.

The course started for me having a broken wrist, this however didn't stop me getting stuck in with the bits of the course that I could do. I enjoyed my time on the course for two reasons, the first is that I got to meet a great bunch of people all enthusiastic about the same thing, and the second was the learning team which made everything easy to understand. I came out of this course adding to my knowledge of physiology and gaining a vast knowledge about working in a gym. Two weeks after the course finished I got myself a job at LA Fitness and am now gaining experience as a Fitness Instructor, this is down to the support and help of everyone on the course!

--Aaron Ticehurst

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